Employment types for working holidaymakers


When you accept the job your employer should inform you which award you are working under. Awardsare legal documents that outline the minimum entitlements you must receive at work. Some of these entitlements include:

  • hours of employment
  • pay rates
  • penalty rates like overtime
  • casual loadings
  • meal allowances
  • leave entitlements
  • employment protection.

Awards also set out your general responsibilities as an employee as well as the responsibilities of your employer. Your employer must pay you at least what you are entitled to under the award or agreement that applies to your job. If you are employed under a contract your employer must pay you at least the minimum wage and entitlements as set out in the appropriate award.

This is a list of pay rates for common NSW awards.

Award-free employees / contracts

Not everyone is covered by an award. Some employees have the terms and conditions of their contract of employment mutually agreed upon with the employer. However, employment contracts are still covered by some employment laws which provide minimum entitlements such as annual and long service leave, occupational health and safety and workers compensation.