Join WWOOF for seasonal, farm, fruit picking and harvest work all over Australia!

‘Willing Workers On Organic Farms’ is a great way to work and travel Australia. Receive free accommodation and meals in return for around 4 hours work every day on the farm. There are around 1900 farms to in Australia to choose from.

When you join WWOOF you will receive your WWOOF Guide Book and Membership. You WWOOF Guidebook contains listings of all host farms. Simply choose the farms you are interested in and call or email the host to check if vacancies are available.

Working in exchange for food and accommodation is the basis of all WWOOFing. The amount of time spent working varies according to the degree of self-sufficiency expected, how busy the host is at the time of your visit and other factors – but it should average out at about a half day’s work for a full day’s keep. It is normal that 4 to 6 hours a day is a fair exchange for a days full board and accommodation.

The work varies greatly between farms but could include weeding, planting trees, pruning, building fences, painting, mowing lawns, etc… The best part is you DO NOT need a work visa to become a WWOOFer! Travellers on a tourist or ETA visa are fine.

How do I join?

To search for bar jobs in Australia, visit Travellers At Work. TAW is Australia’s largest job database just for travellers, with thousands of positions available.