Tour Leader

The Job:

You came to Australia because you love to travel, but why not turn this passion into your job? Working as a Tour Leader in Australia, while you are travelling yourself can be one of the best opportunities ever. As a Tour Leader, you need to be outgoing, organized, flexible, friendly and be able to relate to anyone. But if all this sounds like you, this job will enable you to share in the excitement of taking fellow travellers on sightseeing tours to the Cities, National Parks, beaches and small towns – and get paid to do it!
The Perks:

    •  See and experience parts of Australia that you may not have seen before, while you are getting paid for it.
    •  This is probably one of the best ways to meet other travelers and share your passion for travelling together.
    •  Once you have experienced working as a Tour Leader, you will easily get similar positions in future as you travel around Australia and overseas. What a cool way to see the world!

Previous work experience required:

Previous experience as a Tour Leader is beneficial but not always essential. Ensure that your resume demonstrates all your previous customer service or hospitality experience and that in the interview, you come across as extremely friendly, personable and fun. Having a current First Aid Certificate will be viewed favourably for most Tour Leader roles.

The $$$:

As a Tour Leader, you can expect to be paid between $15 to $25 per hour but often there are hidden benefits such as free drinks and food at local bars, and cheap (or sometimes free) accommodation.

The word on the street:

“This was the first time in my life I had worked as a Tour Leader and I absolutely loved it. Based in Sydney, I got to take my tour groups to all the best places like Bondi, the Royal National Park, Northern Beaches and the Blue Mountains. It was heaps of fun.” Emily, Ireland.

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