Theme Park Operator

The Job:

Australia is home to some fantastic Amusement and Theme Parks, such as Australia Zoo, Seaworld, Luna Park, Dreamworld and Wet N Wild, just to name a few. Particularly during the Christmas school holidays, which run from mid-December until the end January, most Theme Parks recruit for extra staff to help manage the busiest time of the year. With a variety of positions that become available such as Marine Mammal Trainers, Enclosure Keepers, Show Announcers, Performers, Attractions Staff, Maintenance Works and Customer Service Operators, you could score a great summer job and enjoy the Theme Park with employee ‘behind the scenes’ benefits.
The Perks:

  • Get to work in an interesting and fun environment and get up and close with some cuddly creatures – dolphins at Seaworld, Mickey Mouse at Movie World perhaps?
  • As Theme Park staff, you receive discounts on Park admission and to other attractions, which means you get to have a blast at a fraction of the cost.
  • Great way to meet lots of new people and earn good money at the same time.

Previous work experience required:

Depending on the position available, most Theme Parks will require you to have relevant previous experience. Any prior experience in Hospitality is generally preferred and a current resume should reflect all of your customer service experience and skills.

The $$$:

Different roles attract different rates of pay however most Theme Parks will pay benchmark hospitality rates. For work during a short period of time, such as the summer months, a Theme Park Operator can earn decent wages on a regular and reliable basis.

The word on the street:

“I dressed up as a Dolphin every day for three months and was stroked and patted by everyone at the Theme Park where I worked. It was pretty hot in the costume, but I didn’t mind and I worked pretty much every day over summer. The social life between all of the Park staff was brilliant.” James, Ireland.

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