Restaurant/Bar Hostess or Host

Australia is home to some of the best restaurants, bars and clubs in the world. If you have hospitality experience, are well presented and love working in a busy environment, then this job could be one of your best experiences ever.

Being able to mingle with the ‘cool crowd’ is a big part of this role. The Hostess/Host of any up-market bar, restaurant or club is usually the person in charge and needs to ensure that the entire operation runs smoothly.

As the Hostess/Host, you will do everything from greeting guests and escorting them to their table, to taking care of the fine details of dining and service, such as ensuring that the waiters, bar, kitchen and cleaning staff are all working efficiently, effectively and punctually.

Above all, a good Hostess/Host is usually someone that is extremely well presented, exudes charisma, friendliness and professionalism and maintains an air of calm and order in an environment that is usually busy and chaotic.
The Perks:

  • You will get up close and personal with the rich, famous and the ‘cool crowd’
  • While the pressure and expectations associated with this role are extremely high, so are the tips as clientele usually have a lot more money to spend.
  • Celebrity guests are renown for spoiling their favourite Hostesses and Hosts with celebratory drinks, free concert/event tickets, expensive gifts plus more!
  • While you work long hours at night, your days are free to sleep on the beach.

Previous work experience required:

Make your resume shine with the best experiences you have had working in bars, clubs or restaurants. You must stand out from the rest by showing that you have strong management and organizational skills and if you are called in for an interview, make sure you go dressed looking your best!

In Australia, you must hold a valid RSA Certificate (Responsible Service of Alcohol) to work in any venue that serves alcohol and if there are gambling facilities such as poker machines, a valid RGS / RCG Certificate (Responsible Gambling Services formerly known as RCG Responsible Conduct of Gambling) will be required also.

The $$$:

The hourly rate of pay will vary between all different restaurants, bars and clubs, but you can expect to be paid between $18 to $30 per hour. But remember, the tips in most of these high-class establishments are higher than your average bar or pub.

The word on the street:
“Not long after I arrived in Sydney a brand new bar/club opened which is now known as Sydney’s best night spot. I worked in the pool bar all throughout summer and absolutely loved it. I met so many celebrities from Australia and overseas as I served drinks at the pool bar.”  Maryann, Sweden.

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