Personal Carer

The Job:

Travelling can provide the perfect opportunity to try your hand at a different line of work. If you love to work with and care for people, then working as a Personal Carer can be an extremely rewarding and personally satisfying role to undertake.  As a Personal Carer, you may be required to care for an elderly person who requires assistance with shopping, housework and cooking. Or it may mean caring for someone with disabilities or an injury that needs assistance to function effectively in their daily life.

The Perks:

  • The greatest reward of working as a Personal Carer is the personal satisfaction that you can feel from making a genuine and positive contribution to another person’s life.
  • Often the experience as a Personal Carer can transform you as a person as you selflessly and compassionately care for another human being.
  • Some positions are with people who simply require your company and assistance on outings to the parks or shopping, which can be just as enjoyable for you as it is for them.

Previous work experience required:

Working as a Personal Carer certainly requires a great deal of patience, understanding, compassion and a genuine desire to take care of people. Previous experience is always beneficial in this field, however is often not required.
Some Personal Carer positions will require you to have a current Police Check and a First Aid Certificate, so it is a good idea to arrange this before applying for jobs.

The $$$:

Personal Caring positions generally pay between $15 and $30per hour, some will occasionally pay more depending on the employer and the requirements of the role.

The word on the street:

“When I first arrived in Australia I did some cleaning work to earn some extra cash and then a friend suggested I apply for a Personal Carer role that he had heard about. The old guy I cared for was brilliant and we became great mates. It was much more about companionship than anything else really. It changed my life actually and when I head back to old Blighty, I’m going to get my qualifications to make this my new career.”  Sean, UK.

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