Personal/Executive Assistant

The Job:

Are you super organized and love managing numerous projects and coordinating busy schedules? Working as a Personal/Executive Assistant is an exciting and often challenging role. Being responsible for coordinating an Executive or Business Owner’s busy working life usually entails taking care of meetings and appointments, travel requirements, daily schedule, emails, preparing letters and answering phone calls/taking messages and often acting on behalf of that person in their absence.
The Perks:

  •  A great way to meet new people and be fulfilled from working in a busy and challenging environment.
  • Some Executives or Business Owners will require their Personal/Executive Assistant to travel with them, ensuring that you get to squeeze in a bit of travel while you work.
  • Personal/Executive Assistants are usually paid very well and are renown for receiving decent ‘thank you’ bonuses from appreciative employers.

Previous work experience required:

Most Personal/Executive Assistant positions require previous experience or the proven ability of managing a small team of people and/or previous Project Management roles. Excellent organizational, communication and presentation skills are essential. For those without experience, there are often many junior Personal/Executive Assistant positions available that require good organizational and computer skills.

The $$$:

In Australia, Personal/Executive Assistants are paid very well and depending on the size of the company and the experience of the applicant, wages can range from $30-$80 per hour. Excellent bonuses are often paid in appreciation of this position also.

The word on the street:

“Before coming away travelling I had worked as an Office Manager and Personal Assistant in my previous job. When I got to Australia, I was employed in a large firm as an Executive Assistant and I had the best time. I worked long hours, but was treated like royalty and my boss took me everywhere with him, so I got to travel interstate quite frequently. When I left I was paid a huge thank you bonus, I was blown away.” Cara, UK.

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