Mystery Shopper

The Job:

Do you love to spend your days shopping in department stores and trendy boutiques? If you’re also passionate about good customer service, then working as a Mystery Shopper could be right up your alley.  As a Mystery Shopper you will be required to visit leading supermarkets, retail and department stores, kiosks and restaurants to make observations and evaluate your service experience as the customer. Some Mystery Shopper roles are located in your local City, while others are in regional towns, so it’s also a great way to get out and explore.
The Perks:

  • If you’re a lover of the shopping experience then working as a Mystery Shopper will be an absolute breeze – simply spend your days doing what you normally do, but this way you get paid for it!
  •  Enjoy the freedom that comes with not working in a stuffy office environment and being out and about exploring new areas of your City or region.

Previous work experience required:

Previous experience and a passion for customer service is essential for this role, plus the proven ability to organize your time, have excellent communication skills and be reliable.

The $$$:

As a Mystery Shopper you can expect to be paid anywhere between $15 to $35 per shop visit.

The word on the street:

“I worked as a Mystery Shopper around Melbourne for a month and had a blast. It was a cool way to explore Melbourne’s trendy shopping areas while getting paid at the same time. I’d do it again for sure.” Jenna, Scotland.

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