Busker/Street Performer

The Job:

Do you have a talent for making animal shapes out of balloons? Can you sing, dance, mime, breathe fire (or eat it), juggle, hoola hoop, perform magic or street theatre, recite poetry, play the violin, or have psychic/fortune telling abilities?   Working as a Busker/Street Performer can be hard work and is not ideal if you are looking for a constant and reliable income. But if you have a special talent and love to entertain a crowd, then this could be a fun and rewarding job.

The Perks:

  • Choose the days and hours that you work. You decide when, where and for how long. If the money is flowing, you can work overtime and if not, just pack up and go to the beach.
  •  If you’re a budding singer or musician then singing or playing your heart out on the street could be the ticket to fame and fortune – you never know who may be listening in the crowd!
  • As a traveler, you know very few people in Australia so who cares if you make a fool of yourself. The funniest or most unusual performers often make the most money.

Previous work experience required:

This is definitely one job where previous experience is not a pre-requisite. However you will be guaranteed to make more money if you actually have some talent. Most Cities and Towns in Australia require you to purchase a Busking/Street Performing License before you hit the street, so be sure to check it out with the local Council, or it could end up costing you in fines.

The $$$:

Earning a living as a Busker/Street Performer is not for the faint-hearted. There may be days where you are sweating it out on the street and earn a measly few dollars. But then there are the days where some have been known to make hundreds in just a few hours.

The word on the street:

“Me and a buddy were travelling together and needed to earn some quick cash, so we did some busking for a few weeks. We made enough to travel onto the next town and it was a pretty good way to meet the ladies.” Ben, UK.

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