Get your Australian Tax Refund now with taxback.com!

As a hard-working holidaymaker in Oz, you’ll pay about 13-29% tax on your earnings. This doesn’t have to be lost money. When you leave Oz or when the tax year ends you can get a tax refund from the Australian Tax Office and get that cash back into your travelling budget.

Foreign tax refunds are complicated but we have joined forces with taxback.com so they will do all the hard work for you. You will receive all the tax you’ve overpaid in Australia as well as any additional expenses you may be able to claim such as medical / travel / education and other work-related expenses.

Our customers get average Australian tax refunds of AU $2500!

If you’ve already left Australia, we can also help you claim your superannuation refund. Average super refunds range from AU $600-$5000 – which will definitely help fund your next big trip!

All you need to do is download our taxpack and send it to us with your payment documents – that’s your PAYG form or final payslip (if you don’t have them don’t worry, we can get replacements). Then you chill out while we organise your Aussie tax refund and send the money straight to you – it couldn’t be easier!

Why use taxback.com for your Australia Tax Return?

  • More money in your pocket – average income tax refund is $2500, average super refunds are $600-$5000!
  • No complicated forms – just sign our Australian tax return forms and we’ll do the rest
  • Lowest fees – for standard tax returns we charge 9% + handling fee of the refund received, subject to a minimum processing fee of $99 + handling fee
  • Fast refunds – receive your tax refund in just 10 days
  • Find out for free what you’re owed – can’t wait to find out how big your Australia tax refund might be? Use our free online tax estimator now to find out instantly how much tax you could claim back.
  • Lost documents? No problem – we know it’s easy to lose paper and payslips while you’re travelling or moving back home, so we have a dedicated lost document team to get replacements for you.
  • No Refund, No Fee
  • Secure payments system – you get your money quickly, safely and in your local currency wherever you are in the world!
  • 24/7 Help – we’re available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help you with any questions about your Australia tax return on the phone, on email, or online through our instant Live Chat.
  • Track your tax online – keep up to date with the progress of your Australia tax refund 24/7 with your free online account “Tax Tracker”.

Don’t miss out on money you’re owed – Apply Online Now to get your Australian tax refund!

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